Spectator Info

Click on the Spectator Guide below to view a large diagram of the finish area.

View your Marathoner at the Fleet Feet Cheering zone! 26th street will be closed and open to spectators only between Proctor St and N. Adams. Lets give the marathoners some excitement. The Fleet Feet store is located right at Mile 10 of the Marathon course. 3812 N. 26th St.

Viewing Marathoners on the course.
Do not drive on the course!!!

A good plan for viewing your marathoner is to follow the Marathon Relay Team driving instructions. HERE <<

If you drive to the start you will be stuck there for 30 minutes until the runners have gone over the Narrows Bridge. The HUB Restaurant at the airport is open early on race day and serves breakfast.

You will also have to go through the toll booth to pay to get back across the bridge. We suggest waiting to see your marathoner at the 4 mile aid station, park at the park & ride on 6th ave and Skyline.

Viewing your marathoner after mile 18.8 water station will not be possible you must drive to the finish area to see them finish. City parking near the finish is plentiful & free on Sunday's. A lot of work goes into the marathon by a small staff and hundreds of volunteers. We hope you enjoy your experience!

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